About Us

As Modafit Textile Clothing Industry and Trade Ltd. Co. (Modafit Tekstil Giyim Sanayi ve Ticaret Ltd. Şti.) we produce fason for world famous brands with 20 years of experience.


Our company carries out its marketing, design, and production in a family environment with its 50 staff working shoulder to shoulder for years.


We have decided to sell products with the quality of world brands and designing affordable merino wool products with the experience we have accumulated from the 100% merino products which we carried out fason production for years.


We bought our merino wools from Australia where the top-quality and finest merino wools are grown, then we transformed them to processed mercerized yarn in Italy and for the last, we have completed the knitting and dyeing processes of the yards that we brought to Turkey.


We offer our products which were produced with superior quality workmanship and meticulousness under the Modafit supervision in a cost effective manner in the form of “from producer to consumer” through our website.


You can now wear healthy and natural clothing with 100% merino wool products.